‘Mamla legal hai’ Season 2 Announcement Video released; Watch now

After all, the courtroom comedy has gained a lot of popularity among viewers since its March 1, 2024 premiere. For everyone who has been waiting for more of Ravi Kishan’s show, this most recent surprise announcement is a relief.


The news that well-known faces from the series would be returning to their screens will excite fans. Ravi Kishan is set to reprise his role as VD Tyagi. Naina Grewal as Ananya Shroff, Anant Joshi as Vishwas Pandey, Nidhi Bisht as Sujata Negi, Anjum Batra as Mintu, and numerous others will be appearing alongside Kishan. The first season of Maamla Legal Hai gave viewers an insight into the life of a wide range of solicitors, from inexperienced rookies to seasoned pros. Seeking justice through the legal system was the one thing they all had in common. This Netflix series featured everything, from famous one-liners to bizarre “real life” situations.

Checkout The Announcement Post

A few of the most memorable scenes from the first season were included in the teaser, which served as the “court” for an exciting second season.

Release Date

“Mamla legal hai” Season 2 hasn’t mentioned any release date yet.

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