Manchester City legend Sergio Aguero set for sensational return to football 

In a surprising change of events, Manchester City legend Sergio Aguero is expected to return to competitive football soon. After completing an outstanding career with Manchester City, the Argentine moved to Barcelona in 2021. However, Aguero’s time at Barcelona was not a memorable one. His career ended suddenly in 2021 due to heart arrhythmia.

Aguero has recently addressed the rumours about his comeback to the field. “And if Carlitos (Tevez) calls me, what do you want me to do? I have to talk to the cardiologist. Play for 20 minutes. Shall we send a message to the cardiologist to see what he says,” many media sources cited Manchester City’s all-time leading scorer as saying.

According to a Marca report, Aguero himself shared an audio from his cardiologist saying that the Manchester City legend could make a comeback to the pitch again.

As per Marca, the cardiologist told Aguero, “The way things are going so far, you won’t have any problem playing at some point. Logically we have to do the tests and make you run as if it were a game. And it’s true, when you have the two central defenders… you have to make a fake or something like that, you have to be well prepared. So I would say… get ready, there is some hope.”

The cardiologist also added, “We can say that you’re doing very well and that you have to get in good enough shape to be there for a few minutes. But I see you looking good, you’re doing everything and you didn’t have anything [problem]. We’re going to monitor you a little bit more. In short… It’s possible, yes it’s possible. You are doing very well.”

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