Maruti Suzuki exports 2 million cars from Indian companies to foreign markets

Maruti Suzuki on, February 27, said that in the past 34 years they have exported over 2 million cars from India to various foreign markets.

The company took around 26 years to complete the first million exports back in 2012, but the next million came a lot quicker. Their first export was back in 1986 to Hungary. Their recent export that made them reach the significant mark was to South Africa. They mostly exported to Europe, but recently they have been focusing on Latin America, Asia and Africa which has granted them success. Kenichi Ayukawa, MD and CEO of the company said in a statement, “Maruti Suzuki has been exporting vehicles for the past 34 years much before India became a prominent player in the global automobile business. The early global exposure helped the Company enhance its quality and attain global benchmarks.”

As of now, Maruti is exporting 50 variants of 14 models to almost 100 countries.


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