“Mayhem in clerical exam process”, says Varun Awasthi on SSC exam procedure delays

Varun Awasthi famous SSC educator personality known for his expertise in Current Affairs & General Studies whose videos are watched by millions of students on Unacademy recently sat down for a quick interview and was asked about the major issues in the SSC exams.

He said that SSC exams are conducted every year through the digital process but lacks the ability to complete the cycle in a year whereas UPSC exams are conducted in an offline mode and the whole process is completed on time and the main reason for the lack of completing the SSC exams could be given to “mayhem in the clerical work”.

Everyone wants to moves towards digital India and wants exams to be conducted in Computer Based Test (CBT) platform but we need to know how we are being benefited from the process. Are students being benefited or even the recruitment staff and if they are then what is being done to help the recruits. This is the question on the system and on the government.

Varun Awasthi was also asked about the ongoing Twitter trend #modi_rojgar_do he said that he supports the vision of his students with the trend but it won’t be a success as it won’t hit the right chord with the government. Stating what needs to be done is to demand the right kind of reforms from the Education Ministry which is a separate wing for solving students grievances as HRDC is already over-burdened with the work of other departments too.

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