Michael Holding criticises England team’s ‘moment of unity’ gesture

The English players wore T-shirts sporting messages against racism, religious intolerance, sexism and other anti-discrimination slogans. As Michael Holding, West Indies legend criticises the England cricket team’s ‘moment of unity’ gestures in the current Test series against the Blackcaps, saying it was not supporting the Black Lives Matter movement but giving the subtle meaning of “all lives matter”.

The West Indies’ former cricketer,  Holding, who is passionate about equality in cricket and the wider community, feels the gesture is wrong to say “all lives matter” instead of supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. He told SkySports that “What this England cricket team are doing now with this ‘movement of unity’, that is not supporting Black lives Matter.” He added by saying “what are they doing there is, when I say “Black Lives Matter”, you are telling me “all lives matter”.

Holding appreciated the England football side for supporting the Black Lives Matter movement despite criticism. He said that the football team are showing some intestinal fortitude and they said that they all were doing it because they know what to do and the football team is not doing it for a political movement but humanitarian reasons. He also said, “I’m never going to talk about any political movement. I care about the three words: Black Lives Matter.”

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