Most expensive cars in the world

It is dream to buy one of the best and expensive car’s in the world. These cars give a unique status and recognition.

Some of these cars are –

Bugatti La Voiture Noire

There are only 10 Bugatti La Voiture Noire cars in the world, yes the numbers are very low due to its huge cost ie. 8.5 Million Euros.

This masterpiece was developed in Germany and manufactured in France.

Some super crazy features of this cars are –

Speed : The car has a top speed of almost 400km/hr.

Material : The body of the car is made of a new material known as the carbon-fiber which is regarded as the safest car material.

Acceleration : Bugatti La Voiture Noire can reach 60 km/hr. in less than 2.5 seconds.

One of the owner’s of this car is Cristiano Ronaldo, who is regarded as the richest Footballer in the world.–0rFkvM/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

McLaren Sabre

McLaren is famous for luxury cars and high-performance supercars. This car is manufactured in Woking, England.

The car is the fastest two-seater McLaren car with almost 350 km/hr. as its top speed.

Sabre has just 15 cars manufactured in the world making it the rarest McLaren supercars ever made.

The U.S  model Sabre has a very expensive styling design and the costs of the supercar is around 4.98 million $.

Aston Martin Valkyrie

Aston Martin Valkyrie is developed by Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing for track as well as road-oriented. The car is said to be the fastest legal car in the world.

The main aim of the production is to have a F1 car experience on the normal streets. The car can go up to 405 km/hr.

The exterior of the car is aerodynamic in nature ( prevents air noise ) and the wheels are designed to be very light.

Estimated cost of the car is said to be 3,000,000 $.

Koenigsegg Jesko

Limited sports car produced by a Swedish company called ‘ Koenigsegg ‘. The name Jesko is derived from the owner’s name ‘ Jesko von Koenigsegg ‘ and was introduced in the ear 2019.

The fastest Koenigsegg car is designed for high-speed and stability with the aim of giving customer the experience of a F1 fast car on normal streets for this the car is made of Carbon-fiber wheels and carbon texture for its exterior body.

Top speed of Jesko is around 484 km/hr.

W Motors Lykan Hypersport

The first Arab supercar from Dubai had a role to play in ‘ The Fast & the Furious 7 ‘ and could be the costliest car to be involved in the movie series.

The Lykan supercar is a unique luxurious looking car made with carbon-fiber. For speed and comfort the tires are made of light aluminum allowing the car to travel at a top speed of 395 km/hr. with 0-100 km/hr. in less than 3.0 seconds as its accelerating feature.

Some more features such as – Anti-Breaking System, Good sound system, Car temperature control and Satellite Navigation system are also part of this luxury.


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