Motorola Revou-Q (55 inches) QLED Ultra HD Smart TV price drops with a 37% discount; Check offer now!

The Motorola Revou-Q (55 inches) QLED Ultra HD Smart TV is now available for Rs.39,999 instead of Rs.63,999. You can grab this great deal on Flipkart. On the e-commerce site, the Motorola Revou-Q (55 inches) QLED Ultra HD Smart TV is presently 37% discounted, bringing the cost down from Rs.63,999 to Rs.39,999. There are also bank and exchange deals available. On exchange, you can save up to Rs.4,789.

Motorola Revou-Q QLED Ultra HD Smart TV Specifications

The bezel of the Motorola QLED TV has a veneer texture that offers a modern touch to your living space. It also includes an ergonomically built Q stand that is strong enough to support this TV.

This TV provides an immersive, theatre-like viewing experience thanks to Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos high-end cinematic technology. This TV provides rich visual quality thanks to Dolby Vision HDR, while Dolby Atmos delivers dynamic, moving audio.

This TV provides excellent performance thanks to its superior Realtek Quad-core CPU with blazeX+ performance with a G31 MC GPU. It also has a wireless gamepad and strong gaming hardware for a seamless gaming experience. Furthermore, thanks to MEMC, this TV has an almost instant response time, allowing it to display fast-moving pictures with clarity and minimum motion blur.

The Quantum Colour Filter in this TV ensures that every image keeps its colour accuracy even when brightness levels are high. This TV uses advanced HDR 10 and Autotune X+ technology to maximise colour shades, brightness and contrast to create dynamic scenes.

Check out the deal on Flipkart here.

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