‘My Adventures With Superman’ producer reveals facts about Lois Lane

Producer of  ‘My Adventures With Superman’ Josephine Campbell revealed one of the inspirations used to develop the animated series’ take on Lois Lane.

Lois, who appeared as a supporting character alongside Jack Quaid’s 22-year-old Clark Kent, became a significant figure in the Season 1 story, with her father being revealed as the General –  a primary antagonist in the first 10 episodes.

Fans saw a totally different version of Lois in this series than her counterpart from DC Comics, while fans of another popular animated series got some reminders of a different fan-favourite hero through Lois as well.

My Adventures with Superman producer Josephine Campbell affirmed fans’ assumptions about the inspirations behind this series’ portrayal of Lois Lane in an interview with the Superman Homepage YouTube channel.

The channel inquired about Campbell’s use of The Owl House’s main character, Luz Noceda, as an inspiration for Lois, after seeing distinct similarities between the two characters while watching the show: “My wife is a huge fan of ‘[The] Owl House,’ so I’ve watched all of ‘Owl House’… She and I actually watched [‘My Adventures with Superman’] together, but when I showed her the first picture of Lois, she’s like, ‘Is that Luz from ‘Owl House?” Was this intentional or just a happy coincidence? It seems like they’ve got a lot of DNA in common.”

Campbell affirmed this since Jane Bak, the series’ art director, also worked on The Owl House, highlighting the numerous backgrounds that the Superman show’s team boasted: “So, a lot of the reason why a lot of these shows feel like they have DNA [in] common is we’ve all worked on all of them. Brendan [Clougher] came from ‘Voltron,’ I came from ‘She-Ra,’ Jane Bak, our art director, came from ‘Owl House’… A lot of these shows that people really like and have been really big touchstones, we’ve all worked on them. ”

The producer compared this to Superman bringing together so many individuals “who have worked on different bits of media that we all love,” putting their impact together into this new adventure.


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