My Daemon: When is it releasing?

Here’s everything you need to know about the webseries My Daemon.


The anime “My Daemon”, which is set in a post-apocalyptic Earth, centres on an elementary school kid named Kento. His life changes when he discovers Anna, a tiny daemon that resembles a dog. They band together to save Kento’s mother, bound by their unanticipated friendship. Of course, their journey won’t be simple in a world gone to hell. My Daemon, which explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and defying social expectations, will add to Netflix’s expanding library of original horror anime as we head into the gloomier winter months.


●Miyuri Shimabukuro as Kento Tachibana

●Cocoro Kikuchi as Ana

●Fumiko Orikasa as Kaoru Tachibana

●Ayane Sakura as Kaede

●Shou Okumura as Igisu

●Wataru Hatano as Kouya Kokonoe

●Naoya Miyase as Kiriko Nanbu

●Jouji Nakata as Genjiro Houjou

Checkout The Trailer

Fans have already begun to compare the upcoming series to the eerie, sci-fi classic Made in Abyss, thanks to its vivid 3D animation and startlingly lifelike daemons. My Daemon’s recently released trailer promises an exciting journey and builds tension throughout.

Release Date

My Daemon will release on November 23, 2023, only on Netflix.

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