NASA releases high-quality video of Mars spacecraft landing

NASA released a three-minute HD trailer video of a spacecraft landing on the surface of Mars according to a report from AP

The rover named Perseverance landed on Mars to search for ancient microscopic life. The trailer shows a huge parachute opening and then rocket engines lowering the rover on the surface of Mars while red dust flies all over. Members of the team handling the rover felt that the images were so clear that they could feel themselves be there on Mars. Dave Gruel, head of the entry and descent camera team told AP he feels goosebumps every single time he sees the video. Al Chen, the person in charge of the landing team, said, “These videos and these images are the stuff of our dreams.”

NASA had added 25 cameras for the mission. The whole mission together costs $3 billion. China is also going to land its rover which started orbiting around Mars two weeks back.

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