Netflix edited out Kanye West’s statements referencing Nazis and victim-blaming Rihanna in 2019 interview With David Letterman

On his Netflix show, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, David Letterman has chosen a different approach to interviews. Despite his many years on the Late Show, Letterman goes deeper into these conversations and the tone is often serious.

That was the case with Kanye West at times during the conversation. According to one audience member, not all of the scenes made the final edit. Controversial topics were edited out and we’ll uncover exactly what was said.

As expected, Kanye’s interview with David Letterman sparked more controversy. Netflix, according to Noah Reich, who was in the audience, decided to omit many parts from the interview. During the conversation, a few controversial topics drew negative reactions from the audience, but neither Letterman nor West responded.

Insider reveals the controversial moments that were apparently edited out.

Netflix left out some key moments — including Ye victim-blaming Rihanna for being a survivor of domestic violence and saying Trump supporters were treated like Nazis.”

“Ye also reportedly said he feared becoming “MeToo-ed” like an unidentified friend in the music industry. Noah Reich, an audience member at the taping, told TheWrap that Ye spoke about a powerful group within Hollywood that brought the #MeToo movement into being. Reich believed he was referring to Jewish people.”

Noah Reich made his own statement, expressing his disappointment with the way the interview was portrayed on television.

“It was shocking to see that Kanye West could share harmful alt-right beliefs, conspiracy theory after conspiracy, and misogynistic beliefs about women for the majority of the interview and end up with an edit that removed all those items in favor of celebrity fluff content,” Reich told TheWrap.

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