Netflix’s latest docuseries ‘How to Rob a Bank’ released its Official Trailer; Watch now

Here’s everything you need to know about the docuseries “How to Rob a Bank”.


How to Rob a Bank is a documentary series that follows the heists and bizarre life stories of celebrities in Hollywood. First off, the moniker fit the crime scene far more well than the authorities could have imagined: Scott Scurlock, the premed student and talented outdoorsman who turned meth dealer, had actually decided to go from selling drugs to robbing banks after watching the movie Point Break. The big screen provided him with many of the cinematic flourishes he used when knocking targets down, but just like in other heist films, the good times weren’t meant to continue.

Know the Storyline

The FBI was keen to demonstrate that no one could outwit the authorities, so they collaborated with Seattle’s police force to bring Scurlock down. What followed was an exciting, life-or-death game of real-life police and robbers. Methods for Bank Robbery includes interviews with Scurlock’s friends and accomplices, the reporters who covered the drama as it happened, and the detectives who put an end to the wave of robberies.

Checkout The Trailer

When is it Releasing?

How to Rob a Bank will release on Netflix on June 5, 2024.

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