New Central Vista plan to replicate ‘as close’ to the original 1912 Lutyens’s design

The designers and architects working on the plan of the new Central Vista said that their main focus of plantation shall be to keep it as close to the original Lutyens’s Delhi while designing.

The designers of the Central Vista redevelopment project are being advised by Pradip Krishen who is an environmentalist and an author, who said that to replicate the British design for the Capital in 1912, the new plantation scheme has been designed so. The errors made by the horticulture departments of the city over years shall also be rectified by this scheme.

To frame the feature faced by them, the criteria was that the shape and size of the trees chosen for that particular avenue should be perfect. Three conditions were kept in mind for choosing the trees for the avenue: the trees should be evergreen, they should not be common and they had to be of the correct size. In the light of the above species such as mango or shisham which were preferred by the Mughals did not find space in the avenue scheme as explained by Krishen.

Around 450 trees in all are accounted in the Lutyen’s plan among which 385 were rai-Jamun trees. The firm in charge of the project design and a spokesperson for HCP Design Planning and Management Private Limited (HCP) said that today there are around 3,200 large trees among which 1,080 are rai-Jamun trees. To construct amenities like toilets for the public, 21 of them are transplanted but trees of this size can usually not be successfully replanted, he added in a statement.

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