New online casino market experiences impressive growth in 2021

Online casino play in India has been experiencing steady growth over recent years. This growth accelerated in 2021. There has never been a better time for an offshore casino brand to provide services to the Indian market.

This year has also been exciting for online casino players as they have been seeing a lot of new sites entering the market, have summarized a list of the best new online casinos so that players get the best possible experience from the range of new casinos coming online. So, the growth is good news all round but what has led to it, and will it be sustained?

Smartphone revolution a significant enabler of online casino growth

One of the biggest enablers of online casino growth in India is the emergence of the smartphone in the country. Expectations are that there will be 820 million smartphone users in India by 2022. This figure is calculated based on urban smartphone usage growth of 7% in 2018 and rural growth of 8% for the same period.

The increased use of smartphones in the country not only makes it easier for people to access vital government services, but it also makes it more convenient for casino enthusiasts to play their favourite games online. They can play wherever and whenever they choose if they have a Wi-Fi or mobile Internet signal.

This increase in smartphone access is not the only reason why online casinos are experiencing significant growth in India.

Other significant growth enablers

We’ve already seen that convenience plays a significant role in the popularity of smartphone casino play. Similarly, playing at a casino using a laptop or desktop also provides a certain level of convenience as games can be accessed from the comfort of your own home.

Online casinos also provide an array of gaming options, such as roulette, poker, and slot machines. In most Indian states, these options are not available offline due to legal restrictions.

Licensed online casinos also provide a high level of security for players. This is a vital aspect of the casino experience due to the essential nature of personal online security protection. The security of a casino brand impacts both the use of personal data and the safety and ease of depositing and withdrawing funds from a casino account.

From a player’s point of view, bonuses, and promotions, play a major role in the growth of online casinos. They give people the opportunity to experience an increased amount of casino play thereby improving their chances of winning.

These factors all make it more likely that an individual will choose to play at an online casino. This in turn increases the popularity of online casino sites overall and makes it easier for new casinos to enter the Indian market.

It’s clear that several factors have combined to prompt the growth in the online casino market in India which has been particularly strong in 2021. Given the nature of these factors, including a surge in smartphone usage and an impressive range of igaming experiences, it seems highly likely that the market for online casinos in India will continue to be strong for many years to come.

Disclaimer: Gambling involves an element of financial risk and maybe addictive. Please play responsibly and at your own risk. Subject to applicable laws.

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