Neymar strikes back at Nike over sexual-assault probe

Brazilian ace Footballer Neymar countered back at sportswear make Nike Inc on Friday, stating that the company’s statement that it terminated an endorsement deal because he didn’t agree to cooperate with an investigation with regards to an allegation concerning a sexual assault of the company’s employee was a sheer lie.

According to a story reported by the ‘Wall Street Journal’ on Thursday, Nike which had Neymar on a contract for a very long time stated it cancelled the deal with the player as one of their employee came forward and made allegations against him which is said to be credible.

The particular incident took place in the year 2016, but as the women had requested her company to keep this issue confidential, Nike only made this issue public after three years of the incident, I.E 2019 as the women decide to fight a legal battle, according to the statement of the firm.

Also, Nike said it ended its contract with him as he didn’t cooperate with the investigation even though there were credible sources against him. However, the Brazilian denied all the allegations against him and said, he did not know the employee in question.

Neymar, taking to his Instagram, wrote “I’ve never had any kind of relationship or approach from this person. I didn’t even have a chance to talk to her, to know the real reasons for her pain. That person, an employee, was not protected. I, a sponsored athlete, was not protected”.





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