Nick Jonas prefered Kevin to call his wife Priyanka Chopra during crisis

In his recent interview on ‘The Late Show’, Nick was spotted speaking sharing some of his experience from his bike accident

American Singer Nick Jonas in his exclusive fun Interview with James Corden On The Late Show spotted speaking up about his recent incident of his accident times. A few weeks and a half ago Nick Jonas met with an accident and he opened upon which one of his brothers he chose to call his wife Priyanka Chopra.

He said, “The medics were attending to me as they were about to put me in the gunnery to get in the ambulance. Obviously, I had to call Priyanka, my wife to say this has happened but I wasn’t really in the spot where I could talk to her…. So it was a choice between Joe and Kevin. Who you give your phone to call your wife in a time of crisis and I gave it to Kevin”.

Nick also mentioned that he was surprised with his quick recovery and is feeling amazing about his speedy recovery and also hinted that he is currently working on more projects apart from ‘The Voice’. Nick was also spotted talking about his ‘cracked rib’ and ‘few other bumps and bruises’ to E-News.

In one of the episodes of ‘The Voice’ he had given his health update to the audience by expressing that now he is feeling better, he still has a cracked rib and a few other bumps and bruises but he just wants to let the bygone be bygone. Nick also added he is not physically enthusiastic as he usually used to be.’

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