Nuclear Weapons States in 2022

Any discussion about which countries have nuclear weapons should begin with an explanation of what nuclear weapons are. A nuclear weapon, at its most basic, is the most powerful form of explosive known to man. A single modern nuke has the power of 100,000 (or more) tonnes of TNT and has the potential to kill more than 500,000 people if detonated in a densely populated area.

Historically, fission weapons were known as atomic/atom bombs, while fusion weapons were known as hydrogen bombs. Today, “atomic bomb” has given way to “nuclear weapon,” which is also used as a catch-all term for any of these weapons, and “hydrogen bomb” has given way to “thermonuclear weapon.”

Countries with Nuclear Warheads

Russia possesses 6,255 nuclear warheads.
The United States of America possesses 5,550 nuclear warheads.
China possesses 350 nuclear warheads.

France possesses 290 nuclear warheads.

The United Kingdom possesses 225 nuclear warheads.

Pakistan possesses 165 nuclear warheads.

India possesses 156 nuclear warheads.

Israel possesses 90 nuclear warheads.

North Korea has none, but enough material to construct 40-50 nuclear warheads.

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