One Piece Chapter 1108 spoilers: THIS character will likely die in Egghead Island arc

The release of One Piece chapter 1107 earlier this week was undoubtedly amazing for the fans to enjoy. The chapter, which shocked the fans in several ways, was nothing short of remarkable, especially considering the groundbreaking development occurring on Egghead.

Of course, the Egghead Island arc has come close to its end, which means that much of the spotlight will be focused on the several fights that have already been set up.

This week will see the release of One Piece Chapter 1108, which promises a ton of thrilling action. But one character might face death. Here’s what we know.

Which character in One Piece Chapter 1108 is probably going to die?

One Piece’s Vegapunk is probably going to die, based on the spoilers.

Marines have invaded Egghead Island with the sole intent of killing Vegapunk. He has spent decades working for the World Government. For many years, he has been working with the World Government. Even still, Gorosei decides that he must be eliminated for researching the technology of the Void Century.

Of course, Luffy and his friends decide to keep Vegapunk safe after learning about it. As a result, the Marines and pirates engage in a full-scale fight.

Spoilers for Chapter 1108 indicate that Kizaru will keep attacking the scientist, who is already close to death. Luffy interferes, allowing Sanji to escape with Vegapunk.

In any case, just before the chapter ends, Vegapunk shares a live message to the entire world. He may expose the dark reality of the World Government. Given all of these possibilities, it seems likely that he will be killed soon. The chapter doesn’t explicitly state that he died, but it certainly seems to be going that way.

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