One Piece chapter 1108: Vegapunk about to change the tides by revealing the “truth of this world”

The complete chapter summary of One Piece chapter 1108 is now available, however, the full chapter will be dropped on February 25, 2024. Mystery around Caribou’s reason for meeting Marshall D. Teech adds to the growing tension on Egghead Island.

Furthermore, One Piece chapter 1108 shows how Saturn has changed his appearance and will reveal his true nature to defeat Luffy’s group before they attempt to flee Egghead Island.

The One Piece chapter 1108 full synopsis reveals all of this and much more. The chapter synopsis has been made available unofficially, although spoilers for the series have generally been quite accurate when it comes to the official release.

Vegapunk to reveal the “truth of this world”

Sanji gets annoyed with Vegapunk as they escape together since the latter never stops grinning even though he is fatally wounded. As they approach the Punk’s record laboratory, Vegapunk’s face shows on the screen, and he says: “Hello. Hello. Test. Test. World—– World, please respond….. I am Dr. Vegapunk, the genius scientist…!! The message that I am about to say may shock you all. But this is the ‘truth’ of this world….!!”

As per spoilers, One Piece chapter 1108 concludes with this dialogue from Vegapunk. Nothing is disclosed concerning Jinbe’s search for Usopp, Brook, or Zoro’s fight with Lucci in this chapter. There will be no break next week.

One Piece Chapter 1108 release date

Chapter 1108 will be released on February 25 at 7 am PT due to a break. Check out the release time below:

11:00 am Eastern Time
4:00 pm British Time

5:00 pm European Time
8:30 pm Indian Time
11:00 pm Philippine Time
12:00 am Japanese Standard Time (February 26, 2024)
1:30 am Australia Central Time (February 26, 2024)

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