One Piece Episode 1096: Check out release date and spoilers

Fans are excited to find out what surprises are in store for One Piece Episode 1096 after Vegapunk Shaka teased some tempting secrets in the previous episode. Shaka introduces himself as Vegapunk to the Straw Hats when they first meet and shows them a huge, terribly damaged iron robot. It belonged to the kingdom more than 900 years ago. The Straw Hats are thrilled to see the robot. The forthcoming episode will provide more details on the huge iron robot while also revealing the shocking truth about someone close to Robin. Here’s everything toy need to know about One Piece episode 1096.

One Piece Episode 1096 Release Date

The official Crunchyroll website has announced that One Piece Episode 1096 will be released on Sunday, March 3, 2024, at 9:30 AM JST. Depending on their time zone, some global audiences might see it on Saturday night.

One Piece Episode 1096 Spoilers

One Piece Episode 1096 is titled “A Forbidden Piece of History! A Theory Concerning a Kingdom.” Shaka claims that there once existed a technologically advanced kingdom. He spoke of a man who spent his entire life to archeology and revealed the truth about an old kingdom.

Robin quickly realizes that Shaka is referring to the mysterious Void Century. When she asks for confirmation, Shaka responds by questioning how much she knows about it.

Monkey D. Dragon, who is furious about Ohara’s tragedy and the demise of his friend Professor Clover, will also be featured in this episode. He makes a promise to raise an army to fight the World Government.

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