OVERWATCH 2 Season 2: Everything that we know!


Overwatch 2, a team-based first-person shooter sequel from Blizzard, has completed its first season. Despite the fact that this has been a challenging time marked by glitches, roster changes, and a tonne of community criticism, the game has overall remained amazingly strong. The Blizzard crew is hard at work getting the upcoming season ready for plans now that the difficulty of a fresh game launch is behind them. Here are all the details of Overwatch 2’s Season 2, including when it begins, updates to the battle system, and a new hero.

What to expect?

Players should anticipate that each new Season will offer a wide selection of cosmetic rewards at every level of the Battle Pass, as Blizzard has previously said in content roadmaps. Most importantly, Season 2 will feature the introduction of a new hero and mythic skin. Season 1’s Battle Pass-only hero was Kiriko, and the mythic skin was the Genji Cyber Demon skin. At Battle Pass tier 80, the epic skin for each season will become available.

What’s more coming our way?

Overwatch appreciates a good holiday event. The game is perhaps most well-known for its yearly Halloween event, which features unique game modes and a tonne of awesome cosmetic goodies. It is safe to presume that there will at the very least be a winter holiday-themed event before the end of December even if there are no confirmed plans as of yet.

The fact that numerous cool cosmetic items were offered during the most recent Halloween event but could only be bought with in-game currency was one of the greatest complaints from the Overwatch 2 community. Following feedback from users, Blizzard promises that “each event now has a skin you can earn” just by playing the game.

When it might release?

On December 6, Overwatch 2’s first season will come to a close, and Season 2 will then start. Although no official time has yet been announced for service, players should prepare for the servers to be down for a while during the update. It’s a safe assumption to assume that the weekly reset will take place on Tuesdays at 3 p.m. Eastern. Players should anticipate that Season 2 will run roughly nine weeks based on how long Season 1 was. Therefore, Season 2 might go until the first week of February.

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