Parle to enter the packaged flour (atta) segment


Parle Products, the world’s No.1 biscuits brand by volume sales, is set to launch packaged wheat flour (atta) next week. One of the largest wheat flour buyers, Parle will now venture into selling wheat flour in India.

This launch will land Parle in a segment in competition with ITC’s ‘Aashirvaad’ brand that holds nearly half the market. The packaged atta market in India is estimated to be worth approximately ₹20,000 crore, or 60 lakh tonnes annually. Branded firms, such as ITC and Patanjali, control half of the market in this segment. As told by Mayank Shah, Senior Category Head, Parle Products to Economic Times, the product will be competitively priced, and the economies of scale will help keep it affordable.

“More people are now looking at hygienic products in food and are shifting away from loose commodities. By virtue of being essential, this is an opportune time to extend the brand’s trust into another food segment,” stated Mayank Shah.

Over the previous year, an increase in at-home use led to a surge in the sale of essential products such as atta.  In the last fiscal year, Parle G crossed the billion-dollar sales mark. This was possible due to the stocking up of cookies by consumers and the distribution of large amounts of Parle G biscuits by the government and NGOs through relief packages.

Parle has one of the biggest distribution spans in the consumer products sector, with around 8 million outlets. It has a market of over 5.5 million outlets excluding stores such as local tea/paan shops, which Parle sees as “a huge growth opportunity,” according to Shah.

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