PBS renews ‘Marie Antoinette’ for a second season


The second season of the Marie Antoinette television series on Canal+ has been approved, so fans may have their cake and eat it too. The Emilia Schüle (Ku’damm 56/63) and Louis Cunningham (Bridgerton) led series will continue to have Deborah Davis’ support while airing on PBS in the United States. Meanwhile, The Last Kingdom and Doctor Who director Ed Bazalgette, who will begin the next chapter by directing the first four episodes, will let spectators see next season’s concept come to life.

The first season of the drama, which will air on PBS on March 19, 2023 in the United States, will follow the life of young Marie Antoinette (Schüle), who rises through the nobility to marry Louis XVI (Cunningham), becoming the Dauphine of France at the age of just 14. The account of Marie Antoinette has been repeated numerous times over the years, and with good reason—the contentious nobility would eventually become recognized as the final queen of France before the regime was overthrown during the French Revolution. Moreover, The second season is expected to continue the tale of the despised monarch who continues to live opulently while her subjects struggle in abject poverty. In the sequel, there will be more action as Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI swiftly come to represent everything that is wrong with aristocracy as the countdown to the terrible revolution begins.

The second season will be written by Louise Ironside, Francesca Forristal, Charlotte Wolfe, and Andrew Bampfield, all of whom are new to the show’s writing staff with the exception of Ironside. With the demise of The Pale Blue Eye on Netflix and the debut of Starz’s adaptation of the well-known story of Dangerous Liaisons, this year has been a huge one for period dramas. Prior to the Season 1 premiere, the latter was initially picked up for a second season; however, the network subsequently canceled the project as a result of a number of unfavorable reviews. Despite the fact that the premiere of Marie Antoinette received 2.1 million views on BBC Two and iPlayer in the UK, the show’s supporters will want to make sure that the second season follows a similar formula in order to maintain their audience’s interest.

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