Peril situations ahead for Afghanistan as US troops exit the country and Taliban ride on violence

The past month has been a bloodbath for the people of Afghanistan as the very teetering country gets more volatile and politically unstable by the day. Exercising its trump card of the commencement of the final withdrawal of the US-led international forces, the extremist-conservative Sunni Taliban has redoubled its forces in an attempt to apprehend more areas with its ties to Al-Qaeda intact and the so-called Islamic State Khorasan Province acting in unanimity with the Islamist forces.

Pakistani deep state is playing a very raucous role and is adding ammunition to the fire as Islamabad is continuing to support the Taliban’s terror tactics. The peace process has neglected to accouche any constructive outcomes and has little to no hope of doing so hereafter.

The turmoil and ambivalence in Afghanistan are expected to become worse as time passes and also play a significant role in disrupting the regional peace in the Indian sub-continent as the terror factories as will go full steam after September 2021 once the American and international troops leave the country. The troops leaving the country will conclude two decades of peace-keeping efforts in the region. President Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan said last month that he is making all efforts to push for the formation of an all-party ‘Supreme State Council’ to continue the peace process as well as the resistance to the Taliban.

Hazara leader Mohammad Karim Khalili has said that he is awaiting atrophy in the security situation in the Hazarajat area and was making endeavors to bring about resistance militias against the Taliban. With the resistance to the Taliban rising in erstwhile Northern Alliance areas, Afghanistan seems to dive headfirst into another series of bloody civil strife among innocents as the only victims of this war.

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