Petition withdrawn against Maharashtra govt. for killing tigress Avni

Contempt of court petition against Maharastra government was filed by a wildlife enthusiast for killing tigress Avni in 2018, was withdrawn from the Supreme Court on Friday.

The Maharashtra government told the Supreme Court that there was no such contempt as they already had taken permission from the top court to kill the tigress. Thus, the Supreme Court found no evidence for the petition.

Sangeeta Dogra, who filed the petition, said that the top court clearly said celebrations after killing are not allowed. She showed pictures as evidence that the person who killed the tiger was facilitated and given a silver statue of the tigress in a celebration. The officials said that they had no involvement and the villagers carried out the celebration.

The bench said that the villagers wanted to celebrate not having to fear of being eaten by the tigress again, and they cannot interfere in that. Dogra then asked if she could withdraw the case.

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