Petrol, Diesel prices hit record high by adding 35 paise/litre to its previous prices

Petrol and Diesel prices increased by 35 paise on Tuesday, January 26. The cost of petrol was recorded at ₹86.05 per litre in Delhi, reaching its all-time high, according to Indian Oil Corporation.

Due to the price hike, the cost of petrol and diesel is at ₹92.62 and ₹83.03 respectively, in Mumbai. The cost of diesel stands at ₹ 76.23 in Delhi. The cost of diesel in Mumbai is the highest in the country.

Petrol and diesel prices have recorded a rise in its price since January 6, 2021, after being unchanged for almost a month. Fuel prices all over the country vary in each state in consideration of VAT or local sales.

Oil marketing companies align the prices of petrol and diesel with global benchmarks on a daily basis, by taking into account any changes in the foreign exchange rates

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