Physical 100 Season 2: Expected Release Date, Cast Updates, and Latest News”

Physical: 100 was put on a pedestal to continue the platform’s popularity with K-content after Single’s Inferno experienced an increase in views and became Netflix’s first reality dating series. Despite their age and weight, 100 male and female candidates competed in this novel and unexpected concept. The aim? following a series of difficult challenges, to determine who has the greatest body.

The conclusion hinted that they will continue to search for the finest of the best. The threatening narrator gave out a Physical: 100 Season 2 clue. Netflix made the formal announcement on June 13, 2023, promising more complex challenges and sets. Producer Jang Ho-gi. Fans are incredibly enthusiastic about the reality competition series despite the cast scandals and issues from the first season.

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Physical 100: Season 2 Theme

Fans can anticipate a brand-new set and subject since the producer said Physical: 100 Season 2 will centre on “modern construction.” Roman Greek mythology served as the source of inspiration for Physical: 100’s first season. The Atlas Challenge, The Wings of Icarus, and other tasks were visible to fans. But Jang intended the second season’s theme to centre on humanity’s final struggle for existence.

“I wanted the first and second seasons to be very distinct from one another. I believed I needed to create a whole new theme. This time I concentrated more on contemporary architecture. We as a species have to be more ferociously competitive in the 1950s and 1960s to survive,”he said.

Who are the competitors in Season 2 of Physical 100?

Physical: 100 Season 2’s contestant roster is currently unknown and secret. Regardless of age, gender, nationality, or weight, physically fit people will once again be a part of the new season. MMA fighter and TV personality Choo Sung-hoon was one of many well-known athletes and personalities in the inaugural season.

Yun Sung-bin’s career as an Olympic skeleton racer has earned him high regard. Fans also recognised YouTube star Agent H, a reserve UDT soldier. Numerous well-known fitness personalities were also featured in Physical: 100, including trip vlogger Tarzan, Caro, and Song A-reum. But there were issues with the first season. A couple of the candidates were implicated in an assault case and a bullying issue.

At the Physical: 100 Season 2 press conference, Jang reportedly said that the crew had taken careful measures to screen new candidates. Prior to entering the series, they also had a meeting with them. In Season 2, male and female candidates will still compete against one another in tasks, thus Jang also addressed the gender topic.

Is there a release date for Season 2 of Physical 100?

Physical: 100 Season 2’s official release date has not been specified by Netflix. Late in January 2023, the first season made its debut. It ran for nine episodes before ending on February 21.

Contestant Jung Hae-in said they started filming in late July 2022 and spent about a week on set, according to Hypebae. It is safe to assume that production has already ended or is well under way based on the formal statement. Single’s Inferno was filmed in the summer for both seasons, which aired in late December or early January. Fans can probably anticipate a release date in the early months of 2024 if Physical: 100 Season 2 follows the same pattern.

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