Physical: 100 Season 2- When is it releasing?

Here’s everything you need to know about “Physical: 100 Season 2”.

Official Synopsis

“In this fierce fitness competition, one hundred contestants in top physical shape compete to claim the honor of best body.”


One hundred competitors—among them mixed martial artists, Olympic athletes, and sports professionals—face demanding tasks that try their resolve, stamina, and strength in this exciting South Korean reality competition series. Fans of physically demanding competitions will find the show thrilling to watch as it tests the competitors’ limits to see who is the most vital and fittest.

The opening episode of Season 2 will intensify and challenge the competitors even more than the previous season, testing their mettle in even more taxing ways. The activities will put a variety of physical skills to the test, such as strength, stamina, agility, and strategy, guaranteeing an exciting and surprising competition. With competitors that come from a variety of backgrounds—Olympians, mixed martial artists, wrestlers, and more—each person on the show brings certain advantages to the table. Furthermore, compared to the previous season, Season 2 will feature one extra episode.


An array of 100 competitors, including Olympians, mixed martial artists, and other sports professionals, make up the cast of Physical: 100 Season 2. Each competitor brings unique skills and knowledge to the competition. Although the rivals’ precise names are still unknown, a new trailer has provided a glimpse of who they are.

Number of Episodes

Physical: 100 Season 2 has 10 episodes.

Checkout The Trailer

Release Date

Physical: 100 Season 2 will release on 19 March 2024 on Netflix.

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