Pitch Perfect season 2: When will it release? What are chances for 2022 release?


According to the Season 1 conclusion of his Pitch Perfect spinoff series Bumper in Berlin, Bumper still has a lot more to sing about. The show’s cast and writer already have some exciting thoughts for a potential sequel, and the closing cliffhanger has laid the basis for fresh storylines to come even though Peacock hasn’t yet picked up a second season of the programme. Here is what is currently known about Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin Season 2.

A very significant shock was revealed at the end of the first season of the Pitch Perfect series, setting up a fairly obvious direction for Season 2. In the climactic episode, Bumper unexpectedly wed Thea in order to become a citizen of Germany and prevent being deported because his visa had expired. He is stranded in Berlin pretending to be in a relationship with Thea while his real love interest, Heidi, is preparing to go to Los Angeles to further her music career. The outrageous ploy succeeded, but at a price.

The showrunner Megan Amram hinted that she is already planning a second season, which may very possibly focus on the marital drama. For Season 2, Amram admitted, “I do have ideas.”

What about the cast?

Even though Season 1 ended with Heidi considering a transfer to Los Angeles, don’t anticipate her to leave the programme if Season 2 is picked up. Amram responded, “That is exactly my plan,” when asked if Sarah Hyland would appear in a prospective new season. The ensemble, according to Amram, is “the real pounding heart of this production.” Therefore, I would want to make sure that all of the characters were interacting.

Along with Heidi, the remaining members of the core ensemble cast—Adam DeVine as Bumper, Flula Borg as Pieter, Lera Abova as Thea, and Jameela Jamil as Gisela—are anticipated to make a comeback.

Amram also hinted that additional Pitch Perfect movie characters would return in the show’s upcoming seasons. Particularly, Rebel Wilson’s Amy, who played Bumper’s ex-girlfriend, had a few mentions in Season 1. Given that they haven’t seen each other in a while, Amram remarked, “I definitely want to see how Bumper interacts with [Amy].

When will it release?

Season 2 of Bumper in Berlin would probably premiere before the end of 2023 if Peacock renews it.

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