PM Modi’s approval rating fall to 66% but remains highest among world leaders

Narendra Modi enjoyed peak popularity with an 84% approval rating in May 2020 after the nationwide lockdown.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, with an approval rating of 66%, continues to remain the most popular world leader among the 13 countries surveyed by the data intelligence company Morning Consult. However, his ratings have come down by 9 percentage points from 75% in the previous year. The intelligence firm maintains a ‘Global Leader Approval Rating Tracker’ to track the approval and disapproval ratings of world leaders among their country’s adult population.

According to the data last updated on June 17, Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi enjoys an approval rating of 66% while his disapproval rating stands at 28%. Modi’s disapproval rating has increased by 8 percentage points from about 20% a year back.

Modi is closely followed by Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Draghi on the list who has an approval rating of 65% and a disapproval rating of 28%. Mexico’s López Obrador came third with an approval rating of 63% followed by Australia’s Morrison(54%) and German Chancellor Merkel (53%)

Among prominent leaders, US President Joe Biden was ranked sixth with an approval rating of 53% after which came Canadian Justin Trudeau and UK’s Boris Johnson with approval ratings of 48% and 44% respectively.

Japan’s new Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga came last in the 13 membered list with an approval rating of just 29%.

For Modi’s ratings, ‘Morning Consult’ consulted a sample size of 2,126 adult individuals and the ratings represent a 7 day moving average. The survey was conducted online and represents the literate population of the country.

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken a hit on the approval ratings of many leaders. PM Modi enjoyed peak popularity with an 84% approval rating in May 2020 after the nationwide lockdown. However, this time in the wake of a deadly second wave of Covid-19 infections coupled with an economic slowdown, his approval ratings have fallen down.

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