Prashant Kishore dismisses the possibility of a third or fourth front defeating BJP

Prashant Kishore’s closed door meetings with Sharad Pawar led to speculations that a national coalition will be formed by the opposition parties to fight Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s BJP. However, putting an end to these speculations Prashant Kishore dismissed the possibility of a third or fourth front defeating the Bharatiya Janata Party in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Prashant Kishore expressed that he does not think that such fronts will be potential enough to confront the BJP. He said, “I don’t believe that any third or fourth front can defeat Narendra Modi so why would I be part of such coalition.” He further explained that just because 15 persons are meeting one cannot term it as a 15-party meeting while referring to the meeting summoned by National congress party chief Sharad Pawar on Tuesday along with number of opposition leaders except the congress and civil soceity members at his place in Delhi. The meeting is called to commence discussions about getting together to fight the BJP.

On the meetings with NCP chief Prashant Kishore remarked that he had lunch with Sharad Pawar, when he was in Mumbai and the second meeting was informal too as Sharad Pawar asked Prashant Kishore to come over a tea. Kishore referred these meetings as a chit-chat and a routine meeting. He further debunked the claims that suggested he was taking on NCP as a client. On this regard, he commented, “There is no question of Pawar Sahab becoming my client because I have left this space (election strategist) as I announced on May 2.”

The Tuesday’s meeting is to take place under the banner of ‘Rashtra Manch’, which is an anti-BJP platform initiated in the year 2018. The meeting is taking place when there is a expanding rift among the Congress and its alliance the Shiv Sena along with NCP in Maharashtra on the grounds of whether to fight the upcoming election together or separately.

Nawab Malik, NCP spokesperson and minister in Maharashtra in a series of tweet informed that the meeting has been summoned to discuss the current scenario prevailing in the country and also notified that it will attended by National Conference leader and former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir Farooq Abdullah, Trinamool Congress leader Yashwant Sinha, Aam Aadmi Party’s Sanjay Singh and D Raja from CPI among others.

Malik informed that the discussion in the Tuesday’s will be on the grounds of the current political scenario and primary discussions on how to bring all the opposition parties together. He further expressed that this is the first step to declare that the NCP chief will be working to bring together the opposition parties in the country.

As per the news agency ANI, the BJP leader in Maharashtra Kirit Somaiya revealed that there is no one to match the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi even if the opposition parties unite against him. On Sharad Pawar, he commented that NCP chief is building castles in the air about uniting the opposition against the BJP led government. Furthermore, he elaborated that at the time when Maharashtra is going out of control, the NCP, Congress and the Shive Sena are cursing each other. He also stated that Sharad Pawar is having “Mungeri Lal Ke Haseen Sapney” (a pipedream).

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