Premier League VAR to use thicker lines for offside calls

The International Football Association Board [IFAB] does not specify a maximum thickness of lines, under the laws of the game. Sky Sports News has confirmed that Premier League video assistant referees are set to use ‘thicker lines’ in games next season to determine the marginal decision. The Times reported about an agreement to use thicker lines which were followed by a presentation by Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) referees chief Mike Riley.

PGMOL hopes the change will bring them benefits back to the attacking team after Premier League clubs gave feedback in a VAR survey last season. It is not yet confirmed whether thicker lines will be used by VARs at FA Cup ties next season. The IFAB (International Football Association Board) does not specify a maximum thickness of lines, under the laws of the game.

FIFA (Federation International Football Associations) has operational control of VAR which trialled semi-automated offside technology at the Club World Cup in 2019 in Qatar. FIFA’s chief of global football development, Arsene Wenger, said in April “Automated offside I think will be ready for 2022.” The Premier League announced in a statement on Thursday “These additional rules and regulations are being put in place to ensure the principles of the Premier League and open competition are protected and provide certainty and stability for our clubs and their fans.”


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