Private companies ‘feel betrayed’ due to capping of COVID-19 vaccine price: Kiran Mazumdar Shaw


Biocon Chairperson Kiran Mazumdar Shaw hit out at the government for capping COVID-19 vaccine price at Rs 250 at private-hospitals. She said vaccine companies feel betrayed as it is too low to sustain.

She had tweeted, “We’re (sic) crushing instead of incentivizing vaccine industry.” With regard to the report that stated the vaccine price capped at Rs 250 per dose, Shaw showed disappointment.

The government’s capping of the vaccine price comes at a time when India is preparing to vaccinate its citizens. People aged above 60 years and those over 45 with comorbidities will be prioritized and vaccinated from March 1.

The COVID-19 vaccine will be given free of cost at government hospitals. While people will need to pay for it at private facilities, the government had previously announced.

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