Priyanka Gandhi: The minister involved in the Lakhimpur incident should be dismissed

Hours after PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation and confirmed that the three new farm laws will be repealed, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra stated that she was happy with the decision.

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, The General Secretary of the Indian National Congress explained that the government decided to repeal the three farm laws merely because they understood that they would face knocks in the forthcoming elections.

As reported in IANS, Priyanka said “After 600-700 farmers died during the year-long agitation, the Prime Minister is now apologizing for the laws but he has not uttered a word about martyred farmers. What about the Lakhimpur incident and why has the minister not been dismissed till now? We will have to understand that the government decided to change its decision only after recent surveys showed that it was slipping.

She further said,  “The farmers have been called names like ‘aatankwadi’, ‘andolanjeevi’, ‘Sunday, and ‘deshdrohi’. Why should they trust the government so blindly in a minute? Besides, the government has the option of bringing an ordinance so why is it waiting for the Parliament session?”

Priyanka concluded by saying that she is indeed delighted that the government had ultimately realised the strength of farmers.




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