Production on Eli Roth’s much anticipated slasher film ‘Thanksgiving’ begins


Eli Roth is finally putting the turkey in the oven after 16 years of waiting following the release of his phony trailer in Grindhouse. Thanksgiving’s production has officially started, according to the Hostel director and Sony Pictures. They posted a picture of Roth’s chair in the director’s chair with an ax that had been sharpened and was ready to start carving as soon as the cameras started rolling.

A year ago, it was reported that Roth will be directing the film, making good on a promise he had been making for years to make Thanksgiving a reality. The faux trailer, which was set in a Massachusetts village where Thanksgiving is celebrated seriously, paid homage to the (largely) bygone period of holiday-themed horror movies. Ridiculous and graphic, it saw the village turn into a metaphorical chopping block for an outsider looking to commit murder. The short trailer is one of the lingering memories of Grindhouse with plenty of scary moments, including the grand climax with a head torn from its body and now protruding out of a turkey. It uses a variety of old-school slasher clichés coupled with a borderline-comedic amount of decapitations.

Who Will Attend the Thanksgiving Dinner with Roth?

Roth and Rendell will share a Thanksgiving meal with a star-studded ensemble, including Patrick Dempsey, who is rumored to be playing the town sheriff. Addison Rae will also be a part of the cast, which also includes Jalen Thomas Brooks, Milo Manheim, Nell Verlaque, Gina Gershon, Tim Dillon, and former Hostel actor Rick Hoffman. Gershon makes a notable transition from Borderlands, where she will portray the beloved Mad Moxxi. Roger Birnbaum, who previously worked with the filmmaker on his unsuccessful Bruce Willis-starring feature Death Wish, will also be working with Roth and Rendell on the production end of the project. See the announcement posts and a cryptic post from “John Carver” at the start of the production, which is shown below, along with the announcements.

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