Putin signs a new law, takes Russia out of Open Skies treaty

The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, signed a law to take Russian out of the Open Skies Treaty on Monday.

On Monday, Russia formalised its exit from the Open Skies Arms Control Treaty which is a pact that allows unarmed surveillance flights over its member countries. Russian president, Vladimir Putin signed a law that took Russia out of the Treaty.

Russia had hoped that US President Joe Biden would discuss the treaty in their meeting at a summit happening later this month in Geneva. However, the Biden administration informed Moscow in May that it is not keen on re-entering the pact after the Trump administration quit it last year in 2020.

The Russian government said on Monday that the US decision to withdraw from the treaty had “significantly upset the balance of interests” among the members of the pact compelling Russia to exit.

“This caused serious damage to the treaty’s observance and its significance in building confidence and transparency, causing a threat to Russia’s national security, the Kremlin (Russian Parliament) said in a statement.

Earlier, Russia had hoped that Biden would reverse Trump’s decision but it did not change its track. In turn, it accused Russia of violating the pact which Russia denied.  In January announcing its own plan to leave the treaty and submitting legislation to its parliament for formalising the exit.

Russian officials said they regretted the U.S. decision not to rejoin and called it a “political mistake.”


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