Rabbit Hole: Release date, Cast, Plot and all about the Kiefer Sutherland drama


The most recent thriller series starring Kiefer Sutherland may be found on Paramount Plus. Kiefer knows a thing or two about espionage and deception thanks to his role as federal agent Jack Bauer in the enduring television series 24. In Rabbit Hole, he portrays John Weir, a master of deceit in the realm of corporate espionage, who is now on the other side of the fence. But later, he discovers that he has been falsely accused of murder and must figure out exactly how to respond.

Charles Dance, Meta Golding, and Enid Graham are featured in Rabbit Hole as well. Kiefer claims it was enjoyable to work on set:


Rabbit Hole Plot

In the movie Rabbit Hole, Kiefer plays John Weir, a private spy agent who is falsely charged with murder. In a world filled with false information and evil powers that have the power to manipulate and subjugate masses, he soon finds himself battling not just for his own survival but also to save democracy.


Rabbit Hole cast

Kiefer Sutherland, the star of Rabbit Hole, will always be known for his performances as Jack Bauer in the popular television series 24, which aired from 2001 to 2010, and as a fictitious US president in the Netflix series Designated Survivor. He portrayed Lt. Jonathan Kendrick in A Few Good Men as well as the vampire David in the cult classic Lost Boys.

Charles Dance is a legendary actor who has appeared in films such as The Sandman, The Imitation Game, The Crown, Me Before You, Ghostbusters, and Game of Thrones. Since then, he has been in blockbusters including Mission: Impossible, Goldeneye, Gosford Park, Frankenstein, and Mank. He first gained notoriety in the 1984 television series The Jewel in the Crown.

Along with Matthew MacFadzean and Meta Golding (The Hunger Games), other notable actors who appear in Rabbit Hole include Enid Graham (Mare of Easttown), Jason Butler Harner (Ozark), Rob Yang (Succession), Jason Butler Harner as Valence, Walt Klink (Artic Circle), and Matthew MacFadzean as Morgan Shaw.

Others in the cast are Jorja Cadence as Cara Spader, Elisa Campanella as Chloe Madi, Jonas Chernick as Xander Arnaz, and Alexandra Castillo as Liv Bonen.


Rabbit Hole Release date 

On Sunday, March 26, 2023, in the US, and on Monday, March 27, in the UK, Australia, Latin America, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and France, Rabbit Hole, an eight-episode television series, will premiere on Paramount Plus. The show will debut with two episodes and release fresh ones once a week after that.

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