Ratan Tata expresses on creating a better “Indian environment” through his Instagram

Tata Group’s chairman Ratan Tata have often won hearts of million people, be it through his charity or for his awareness about his employees. This time Ratan Tata won million hearts on the occasion of World Environment Day. He took to his Instagram account to share a post expressing the way everyone should pledge to create a better Indian environment. As soon as he shared, the post gone viral and was greeted with numerous appreciative replies.

Ratan Tata in his Instagram post shared an image with a few lines written on it. It reads, “To create an Indian environment with fresh air to breathe, clean water to drink, nutritious food with no one left hungry, and a way to care for everyone’s health, should be the priority for you and me on this environment day.”


Around two hours of the post being shared, it has received a more than 4.4 million likes and the numbers keeps increasing. The post earned several comments with individuals expressing how they pledge to create a better environment. Further, there were individuals who expressed their reactions through heart emoji. An Instagram user wrote, “Great Words” and other appreciated the post as “Inspiring.”

Earlier on the Earth Day, Ratan Tata in a note of appreciation for volunteers, innovators and organizations working for the environment appreciated that, “They deserve all our support and help, as does the earth. On this Earth Day, I would like to take the time to share the hard work of young volunteers and innovators who have undertaken to protect, conserve and fight for our planet with conviction.” He added, “They deserve all our support and help, as does the earth, a place common to us all.”

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