Reliance Jio and Qualcomm may roll out affordable 5G smartphone under Rs.10,000 by year-end

Reliance Jio and Qualcomm are collaborating to launch a new 5G smartphone costing less than Rs.10,000. The move aims to speed up India’s transition from 2G to 5G. Qualcomm announced the collaboration with Reliance Jio at the MWC 2024.

According to a MoneyControl report, the forthcoming smartphone will be powered by the most recent Qualcomm processor and should offer the full 5G experience at a reasonable price.

Chris Patrick, SVP and General Manager of Handsets at Qualcomm, told Moneycontrol in Barcelona that the phone will be designed with the Indian market in mind and will focus on making the transition from 4G to 5G technologies easier.

Executives from Qualcomm went on to highlight the new chipset, which could appeal to millions of the nation’s 2G users. The decision was taken to go straight to 5G-enabled devices.

A new era of high-speed connectivity and economic growth in the country will be led by the widespread adoption and success of the reasonably priced 5G device, which Qualcomm and Reliance Jio are emphasizing the importance of partnerships with ecosystem partners and telecom carriers.

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