‘RHOC’: Gina Kirschenheiter accused Shannon Beador of spreading false claims about her children’s custody

On The Real Housewives of Orange County, accusations are flying. Gina Kirschenheiter stated on Wednesday’s episode of Bravo that Shannon Storms Beador put her personal life in the crosshairs during a tequila-fueled speech at her Taco Tuesday party.

Three other women, Tamra Judge, Jenn Pedranti, and Taylor Armstrong were the only ones to attend Shannon’s taco festival last week after she accused Gina, Emily Simpson and Heather Dubrow of spreading false details regarding her relationship with John Janssen.

During Shannon’s explosive toast, she stated that if it hadn’t been for Shannon’s kindness, Gina would have lost custody of her children to Child Protective Services (CPS) following her DUI in 2019.

Gina told Emily, who used her law knowledge to refute Shannon’s claimed version of events.

“Lots of people get DUIs and for CPS to be involved, there would have to be a case,” Emily stated in a confessional interview.. “And there would have to be due diligence and they would do interviews.”

The 39-year-old mother of three said that she felt targeted by Shannon and that her “name shouldn’t have been brought up, period. Emily then told Gina, “Clearly, Shannon just doesn’t like you.”

“This is a whole nother level,” Gina vented to Emily. “She has zero respect for me, and it is so upsetting to me that like you get yourself to a place where you’re finally doing good and somebody’s sole mission is to just tear you down.”

Gina then continued in front of the cameras, “It’s four years ago that I made a mistake. And Shannon is such a good friend and she helps me so much by never letting anybody ever forget. Every time she brings it up, it gets worse and worse and worse. The next time I meet a new friend, I’m going to be a murderer!”

Shannon met with Heather later in the episode to talk about her issue with the former actress revealing details about her relationship.

Heather defended herself, saying she was no more guilty than the other housewives as they rehashed the chain of events.

“Once again, Heather, I feel like we’re on — to use your phrase —  the hamster wheel,” Shannon replied. “I have relationship issues that most people have, and I’m hopeful that we can navigate through them because I’ve never loved someone more in my life.”

In a conversation with the cameras, Terry Dubrow’s spouse expressed her confusion, saying she “didn’t know what to believe anymore” because Shannon often gives “information to you privately” that she’s shared with “everyone privately.”

Regardless of their disagreements, Heather apologized to Shannon and became emotional as she said that it was never her intention to “do something to hurt you.”

Shannon may have patched things up with Heather, but the drama didn’t end there. Gina later asked the ladies who attended Shannon’s fiesta to confirm her statements about her children being taken by child services at Taylor’s pumpkin carving party.

Taylor and Tamra both stated they couldn’t recall anything, putting Jenn out on a limb.

Shannon yelled across the table when Tamra told her what had happened and denied her previous claims, blaming Jenn for “stirring s— up.”

“Never said it. God strike me dead. That’s when I know I didn’t say something, she said as other women pointed out that Jenn, the newest member of the cast, wouldn’t know this information until informed otherwise.

Gina clarified that her children were never at risk of being taken away and she confronted Shannon about the vendetta she seems to have towards her.

“The only thing I’ve ever said is I respect you enough that I don’t talk about your relationship,” she said. “So if that is offensive to you, and that makes you want to s— all over me and my family and my children and my life continuously Shannon then that’s fine.”

Shannon then said that she had mistakenly believed Gina was spreading rumours about their relationship, which led her to speak about Gina’s life with others.

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