Roberto Carlos has slept with Ronaldo Nazario more than with his wife

Brazilian legend, Roberto Carlos recently spoke about his close relationship with another Brazilian legend ‘El Fenomeno’ or Ronaldo Nazario, he said that ” Everything that Ronaldo does, he does well. I have slept with him more times than with my own wife. I did everything with Ronaldo. With and without limits. Since 1993, he’s been, my brother. ”

Both these superstars played in the legendary Brazilian squad that inspired millions of people around the globe and lifted the 2002 FIFA World Cup together. They also played for Real Madrid together in La Liga and this made their bond very strong. Their friendship was very much visible on and off the field. Both these players finished their careers with a lot of success and trophies.

Ronaldo scored 62 goals in 98 matches for the Brazilian national team. Both these stars played eleven seasons with Real Madrid and won three champions league and four la Liga success and also won the World Cup with Brazil in 2002.

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