Roger Federer meets Neeraj Chopra in Switzerland, says, ‘Amazed by how much Neeraj has achieved personally’

In Zurich, Switzerland, Olympic hero Neeraj Chopra from India had a “dream come true” moment when he met Roger Federer. Neeraj, who is a big fan of the renowned tennis player, was astounded by the Swiss star’s humility and ability to put others at ease.

World Champion Neeraj Chopra posted images from the star-studded meeting in Zurich on his social media account, expressing his admiration for the 20-time Grand Slam champion.

In the picture, Roger Federer posed with Neeraj Chopra’s signed jersey, and the Indian javelin star received a tennis racquet as a return present. “It was nice meeting you. Thank your for your advice,”, were the words penned on the jersey signed by Neeraj.

Roger Federer was full of admiration for Neeraj Chopra, even if the javelin thrower was star-struck during the meeting in Zurich.

“I am amazed by how much Neeraj has achieved personally and for his country through his grit and determination. It’s been great to meet him here in Zurich,” Federer stated.

This year, Neeraj has not yet started his season. Last year, he became the first Indian to win a championship at the World Athletics Championships. The Olympic gold medalist will carefully organize his trips to be fresh for his title defence at the Paris Olympics.

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