Ryan Group hosts online student-alumni networking event

Ryan Group hosted its biggest online student-alumni networking event, Alumpics powered by Univariety. The event witnessed a great success with a participation of over 15,000 high school students from across 100+ campuses. Students had the opportunity to interact with 8 notable alumni from the batch of 2003 to 2019, who have created a niche for themselves in their respective fields. Alumni from top universities like IIT-Madras, Monash University-Melbourne, SRCC-Delhi University, Christian Medical College, and more shared their transformation journeys to inspire their juniors.

The 2-hour event kicked off with a welcome keynote by Mr. Ryan Pinto, CEO of the Ryan Group of Institutions. Speaking on the initiative, Mr. Pinto said, “It is great to see that Ryanites across the world will connect on one platform and exchange experiences on how current students can seek real-life guidance from their alumni to make better career choices. Our motto is Excellence in education and all-round development. With this initiative, we are reinforcing our commitment to giving the best learning opportunities for our students. We ask the LORD Almighty for His blessing over the start of this whole new concept & platform for our Ryanites.”

During the event, students gained insights on the college admission process, how to crack entrance exams, the X factor in college success, mistakes to avoid during this crucial stage and more. The alumni not only shared their journeys but also reminisced their favourite memories from school. In addition to these, students enjoyed unwinding with celebrity alumni from the music and television industry. It was definitely an evening filled with lots of learning, music and laughter.

“We are excited and pleased with the outcome. We are thankful to Ryan Group of Schools for giving us a free hand that enabled us to push our limits. The scale of the event was a first of its kind in Asia. I am proud of how our cross-functional teams came together for seamless execution along with the school’s team. This is just the beginning, with our strong combination of technology and team, we will develop several exciting formats for schools to utilise their alumni asset”, says Mr. Jaideep Gupta, Founder & CEO of Univariety.

The event concluded with a closing address by Dr. Snehal Pinto, Director of the Ryan Group of Institutions. She emphasized the importance of receiving real-life guidance from seniors who have been through that phase and gained success.

Given the current global situation, an event like this, that brings together thousands of students and alumni together to foster learning and growth is a huge achievement in itself.

Alumpics was much appreciated by students, parents, alumni and principals.

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