‘Selling the OC season 3’ Official Trailer released; Have a look

Here’s everything you need to know about “Selling the OC season 3”.

After its second season in September of last year, Selling the OC, a spinoff of Selling Sunset, will return in May for a new season. The OC realtors from The Oppenheim Group are back for a furious third season, along with enormous, opulent properties and much more drama. Loyalty and reputation are irreplaceable in an office setting where rumours and betrayal are rampant.


Netflix has brought back its flamboyant realtors from Southern California. Recently, the show’s creators revealed a fascinating glimpse into the upcoming season of Selling the OC, which features fierce rivalries and conflicts within the realtors. Get ready for the thrilling reality series that premieres on May 3 of next month. The newest teaser video for Selling the OC season 3 introduces us to the returning cast members and gives us a peek at their conflicts and difficulties closing real estate deals. The Orange County agents of Oppenheim Group navigate their personal crises while they work to go up the success ladder, overcoming a variety of obstacles in the process. Amidst new divisions and intense exchanges amongst the agents, the upcoming season is anticipated to tackle the old drama that ended the previous season on a cliffhanger.

Agents Tyler Stanaland, Alex Hall, and Alexandra Harper may be seen in the video overcoming personal obstacles while dreading their contracts and appearances. With glimpses into the tumultuous relationship between agents Tyler Stanaland and Alex Hall as they work through their tangled romance, the new season is also plenty with romance.

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Release Date

Selling the OC season 3 will release on May3, 2024.

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