Serena Williams knocked out after she loses straight-set to Elena Rybakina

Serena Williams falls back and couldn’t make a comeback against Elena Rybakina in the fourth round at Roland Garros by losing 6-3, 7-5 to a young and less-experienced opponent who wasn’t even born when Serena made her debut in 1998. Williams said that she was not thinking about that at all and she was thinking just about other things, but not about the age difference thing.

Serena’s defeat prevailed just after Federer withdraw by saying he needs his body to be fit for Wimbledon ahead after a third-round victory which came on Sunday at 1 am. Roger Federer has won Wimbledon eight times and Serena has won seven times, which will begin from June 28. Serena said that she is kind of excited to switch surfaces, she had done pretty well on grass. On the other hand, Rybakina is just 21-year-old from Kazakhstan and is at 22nd rank. This was her seventh Grand Slam and the first time she made it so much as past the second round.

Rybakina said she was so happy with her match yesterday and it was amazing. She was nervous and was not serving that well before, but she was just happy that she just managed. Williams also said that she was so close by a point there and that could change the whole course at the match. She was not winning those points and that changed everything in the match.

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