Sergio Ramos’s interesting facts that you probably didn’t know, check here for more

Sergio Ramos is one of the best players that Real Madrid and Spain have seen in their history

Sergio Ramos is one of the best players that Real Madrid and Spain have seen in their history, his fans love to see him play for their beloved club and country on different stages of football and he has never disappointed his fans while playing. However the 34-year old has exceeded expeditions in different off-pitch interests as well.

Some interesting and Unknown facts about Sergio Ramos:-

  • While growing up, his nickname was Schuster, which was after the great German goal scorer, his friends named him that as he used to play as a striker in his childhood, eventually he was coached by Schuster at Real Madrid between 2007 and 2008.
  • He has always worn the number 4 jersey while playing for Real Madrid but he has never worn number 4 for Spain. He always wears number 15 for Spain.
  • He has never scored for Spain in a major tournament like World Cup, Confederations Cup Or European Championship from open play, although he has scored through penalties.
  • His horse Yucatan de Ramos is a world champion and is considered one of the finest pure-bred Spanish horse in the world.
  • Sergio Ramos likes Bullfighting and is friends with bullfighter Alejandro Talavante. Even his celebrations are inspired by bullfighters cape.
  • He has been sent off 26 times in his career, which is the highest ever in history.
  • He also partnered with Amazon Prime to shoot a documentary about him that depicts his life on and off the field and how one of the best players in the world lives his life.

These were some less known facts about the Spaniard, the influence he has left on the club and country is humongous and his shoes will be hard to fill up in the coming future.

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