#ShameonYouSamantha trends on Twitter days ahead of The Family Man 2 release

#ShameonYouSamantha has been trending on Twitter and somehow, it is not a surprise just how they catch up.

When The Family Man 2 was first announced, it suffered a setback almost immediately. Given the set of guidelines that came in for content online is concerned, the show was put on hold. However, fans were eagerly waiting to see what does the second season have in store. Also joining the cast for the new season is South star Samantha Akkineni. While fans of the show love her for her character, it looks like the show has offended many.

Samantha Akkineni plays the role of Raji, a rebel, in the show. However, many have taken it a little too far by calling for a ban on the show as it is against Tamilians. While this is not the first when someone has been offended, the call for a ban has now transformed into shaming the actress. Twitter has taken to trend ‘Shame on you Samantha’ as she took on the role in the Prime Video series.

For the longest time now, there’s been a lot of conversation around the representation of Tamilians in the web series. However, it does repress from time to time. Now, with 2 days left for the release of The Family Man 2, social media is back at shaming the actress. While some believe that the series shows how Hindi-speaking people consider Tamils as terrorists, some have more to add. In fact, a Twitter user went on to say how Samantha shouldn’t return to Kollywood after this series.

The Family Man season 2 is supposed to stream on June 4, 2021. Along with Samantha, it also features Manoj Bajpayee and Priyamani in the lead roles. While the story has seen a shift from what we have seen in season 1, the trailer depicted just how interesting things are about to get!

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