Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown faces hard truths after kicking out Kody: ‘I’m 50 and I have nothing’

In the current season of Sister Wives, Kody Brown’s relationship troubles are just getting worse. Kody pays a visit to Janelle Brown on the September 3 episode to discuss what’s happening at Christmas. Janelle is spending Christmas with her children instead of the rest of her family.

Kody visits Janelle’s apartment and the tension between them quickly worsens. Kody and Janelle begin to argue over Christmas. Kody’s current contentious relationship with Garrison and Gabe is also brought into the mix. Janelle feels caught in the middle and is always facilitating communication with  Kody and their children.

The fight between Kody and Janelle becomes intense. They both blame the other of gaslighting. “You really need to stop throwing me under the bus,” Kody says to Janelle, who believes Kody’s beef with their boys is not her fault. Kody thought last season that Garrison and Gabe “disrespected” him by not following his COVID-19  rules.

Kody and Janelle can’t seem to agree on anything. Janelle believes Kody is manipulating her. “I feel like you are constantly gaslighting me,” Janelle tells Kody. Kody reveals that he does not “expect” to see Janelle or their children at Christmas. “You have cheated me out of contact with my family,” Kody says.

Janelle does not believe she is to blame for this situation. When Kody continues to interrupt her, she yells at him,  “Shut your f***ing mouth and let me talk to you for a minute.” Kody stands up and wonders what sort of “partnership” they may have in the future. Kody storms out, despite Janelle’s begs to stay and talk. “F**k you,” Janelle says as he walks out the door.

“It feels like Kody and I are no longer going to be a couple. It really does. It was that dramatic,”  Janelle later confesses in her confessional. Janelle states that her relationship with Kody is “done.”

Janelle afterwards becomes concerned that she will have “nothing financially” if she leaves Kody. ““I am tied up in this property. Everything as far as my estate goes. Any kind of savings, money, anything, is tied up in this property,” she says. “I trusted in this family structure and now I’m really stuck… I’m 50 and I have nothing.” TLC airs new episodes of Sister Wives every Sunday.

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