Sister Wives’ Kody Brown admits his ‘mistake of not managing’ family before splits

In the most recent Sister Wives episode, Kody Brown took responsibility for his family’s breakdown following his split from Christine Brown.

“I made the mistake of not managing my family properly and Christine has left,” Kody, 54, stated in the August 27 episode, referring to his separation with Christine, 51, in November 2021.

While celebrating  Thanksgiving with Meri Brown and Robyn Brown, as well as Robyn’s five children, Kody reflected on his family’s ups and downs. Christine and Janelle Brown choose to spend the holiday with their own kids — at separate homes.

“Janelle has decided, because we’re not in the greatest place, that she’d rather hang out with Christine,” Kody told the cameras, confessing, “We’re not working like a family. We’re not a family. We’re acting like enemies.”

Janelle, 54, said in her confessional that there was a “huge looming problem” around Kody and their 6 children, mainly sons Garrison, 25, and Gabe, 21, that kept her from attending the big Thanksgiving feast.

“I basically told the kids what their dad was requiring of them to come to Thanksgiving. I delivered the facts. I delivered what he said,” Janelle joked about Kody’s wish for an apology from his and Janelle’s children before the holiday season. “He needs to do something here. He’s the head of the family. He wants to be the patriarch. This is part of that role.”

Meanwhile, Christine told the cameras that her separation from Kody had been a long time coming. She stated that her decision to skip the family dinner was the result of years of issues. “Our family has been hurting for a long time. We’ve done our best to be as OK as possible. But there’s still hurt feelings from 12 years ago,” she said. “It’s at a breaking point. Sorry, it’s just at a breaking point.”

Despite the fact that Kody skipped celebrating Thanksgiving with all of his wives and children, he stated that he felt at “peace” with the group that showed up. “I’m surrounded by people who are not offended by me,” he quipped.

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