Skincare tips for oily skin


People with oily skin have to walk an extra mile to take care of their skin. Unlike other skin types, people with oily skin have to be extra careful because this type of skin harbors acne-causing bacteria and other factors which produce excess sebum.

If you also have oily skin, then you do not need to worry because we are here with some skincare tips for oily skin types.

Have an abundance of vitamin C and E

Include vitamin-rich foods in your diet. Vitamin C, which is found in many vegetables and fruits, is responsible for collagen production and keeps acne at bay.

Vitamin E, which is found in many nuts, seeds, and vegetables, is responsible for keeping your skin moisturized and protecting the skin from sun damage. Therefore, if you have oily skin, make sure that you include vitamins in your diet.

Drink lots of water

It is necessary to keep yourself hydrated to ensure healthy skin. If you are hydrated, the oil glands send a message to the brain that no more oil is required to hydrate on moisturizing the body, as a result of which your skin will be balanced and fresh because there will be no excess sebum production.

Wash your face twice a day

Ensure that you wash your face twice a day so that all the excess oil and dirt gets removed from your face. Use a mild face wash. It is recommended to wash your face with cold water as it helps tighten pores.

Refrain from being harsh on your skin

Whether you are exfoliating, washing your face, or applying makeup, make sure that you are not very harsh or are not using too much of force. Be very gentle with your skin. Being harsh can break blood capillaries in skin tissue, which exchange oxygen, nutrients, and waste tissues between blood cells.

Keep a minimalistic beauty routine

Avoid applying too many beauty products. For example, instead of using a lot of serums, stick with one serum that suits you the best. A face mist is best to keep your skin hydrated, and a spray-on sunscreen for sun protection is ideal for oily skin.


Exfoliation is usually recommended once a week, but if you have oily skin, the accumulation of dirt and dust make it necessary to exfoliate more frequently. You can exfoliate as and when required whenever you feel that dust and dirt accumulate on your skin.

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